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Ongoing Event: Early-American Architecture Self-Guided Driving Tour

Milan with 36.1 square miles and 65.2 people per square mile is the least densely populated town in Dutchess County as of 2020. Winding over country roads, Milan NY History’s Driving Tour of Historic Homes highlights not only historic homes but also the surrounding stone walls, hills, trees and water. In much the same manner, our website focuses on the land and people of Milan. From ON THE FARM to AROUND THE TOWN, we travel through Milan’s History. Join us on our journey!

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2022: Jacob Shook Pomeroy Historic Marker Unveiled at Shookville Cemetery


“1818: It’s a town. The good news in the March 6, 1818 NY State Legislature vote was that “we” won the exclusive right to the town name “Milan” in competitive lobbying. The bad news was, the boundaries did not include Stissing Mountain as requested. The boundaries of 1818 are, of course, just a legal construct. The celebration of the bicentennial of their creation is a good reason to look at the environment, dynamics and some of the people who lived within its 23,411 acres ~ from the time of the earliest people.” Bill Jeffway 2018

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