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As of December 2018, The Milan Historical Society is in its initial stages of seeking formal recognition by New York State.

The idea of the Society emerged organically from those who regularly attended the Sunday noon workshops related to the town’s Bicentennial, specifically: Johanna Bard, Jack Campisi, Bill Jeffway, Bonnie Wood, Vicky LoBrutto, and Bobbie Thompson …but is open to anyone and certainly invites anyone with an interest in a concerted effort to collect, preserve and share Milan history to participate.

Through the good judgement of the town board two years ago in creating a Bicentennial Committee, there was a high level of interest in the town’s history in 2018. We hope MHS becomes a vehicle, in partnership with the formally appointed Milan Town Historian, to provide a vehicle for that continued interest.

Milan Historical Society
PO Box 72
Milan NY 12571-0072

Email: MilanNYHistory@gmail.com


Special thanks and recognition to the Milan Bicentennial Committee: Johanna Bard, Liz Burns, Reggie Coon, Bobbi Egan, Wendy Foss-Jeffreys, Bill Jeffway, Stan Jacoby, Alan Kulick, Ingrid Kulick, Vicky LoBrutto, Jackie Reynolds.

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