From the Desk of the Historian

Featuring stories from the rich tapestry of events, people, and places from the town of Milan.

❤️Milan Memories

“How has a place you ❤️ changed over the years?”

1. “Horse and Buggy – That was the original barn where feed and hay were sold. The men are John Wheeler and Joe Vanegra. Clare let me copy the photo many many years ago.” 2. “General Store – Taken in front of the store around 1988. Remember when we sold apples and I had the pet rooster.” 3. Warnefeld Bros General Store Jackson Corners, NY Memories and Images Courtesy of Robert Rogoshewski.

1. Milan Hill Road Ice Storm Mid 60s early 70s; 2. “Moving the old farm house”; 3. “Sign at the end of the driveway Rufflands”; 4. “Pool with old barn in background”; 5. “Another barn now”; Memories and Images Courtesy of Dave Hughes.

“I grew up on Rufflands Farm on Milan Hill Rd. Growing up on the farm, we had many memories sleigh riding in winter and being towed behind the tractor. Hikes and camping out back. Riding bikes up and down the driveway and eventually taking “bike hikes” with the Laibachs. Snow days meant shoveling out the feed bunks so my Dad could feed the cows and helping during hay season so we could go away camping for the weekend or leave on vacation. Later on, joined the fire department- many memories there also. In a nutshell, I loved growing up in Milan!!” Dave Hughes

1. Aerial Pic of Farm; 2. “Mr. Landauer’s House- I like this pic. Looks like a country postcard; 3. Shop; 4. “What used to be a shop. Many things made in there and many panes of glass broken by baseballs!”; 5. “Corn Crib”; Memories and Images Courtesy of Dave Hughes.

1. Looking up North Road towards 199. I think mom and dad were without power for two months. Thank God for wood and gas stoves!; 2. “Dodie Scheer Roome at Battenfeld’s late 60’s early 70’s”; 3. “Kathy Wisbauer, Rowe Church’s organist for like forever”; 4. “Scheer house, Operation Snowleaf, Oct. 1987. This is our family’s favorite maple tree doesn’t look too good but with pruning and TLC, Dad was able to save it”; Memories and Images Courtesy of Dodie Scheer Roome.

1. Hermans Farm House Academy Hill Road ca. 1927 or 1931. Car is a Buick; 2. Walter Hermans, Linda, Helen 1943. Helen is holding Sally (1943-2002); 3. John, Dick, Sally, and Linda Hermans 1968; Memories and Images Courtesy of Sarah K. Hermans.

March 15, 1909 Percy sends a postcard to Mrs. Clayton Hermans Jackson Corners Dutchess County NY; Memory and Image Courtesy of Sarah K. Hermans.

More Milan Memories: “How has a place you ❤️ changed over the years?”

  • “I grew up on a farm on Salisbury Rd ( now Odak Farm Rd) – north end of Milan and now I’m on the south end of Milan. Great town always. Miss the farm days, but have great memories. Remember the general store in Elizaville and the Elizaville Falls-great swimming place. Fun times 😊” Anna Bautovich-Varlaro
  • “I have grown up and lived in Jackson Corners my entire life. The general store used to be open and cater to the fishermen in April and swimmers at the Turkey Hill Rd. Bridge all summer. I remember at times it was difficult to get across the bridge on a hot summer day. Now the store is closed and we don’t see many people fishing or swimming.” Al Sardaro
  • “My parents bought property from Walter Hermans on Academy Hill Road. We would spend summers in our tiny summer bungalow. They were carefree, joyful times. I remember biking down to the creek or the Jackson Corners store. John Steckler had a butcher shop and store. On the way home, sometimes Mrs. Hermans would give us a piece of her apple cake. I still have the recipe. Dick and John would be outside playing baseball. There were lots of wild black caps growing along the roadside. We’d spend hours swimming in the RoeLiff. Fun times.” Victoria Tambini LoBrutto
  • “Living so far away from neighbors and friends was not always easy. We would ride our bikes all the way to Jackson Corners to hang out with the crowd.” Linda Hermans

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D-Day Reflections

Yeoman Cemetery Sign This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is yeomans-cemetery.jpg

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