Fulton Farmhouse & Extended Families

These images, courtesy of the Norton family of Milan, who themselves are part of the Fulton, Gallagher and other well known founding families of Milan, are being simply gathered here for starters. The evolving project that will include research and writing to better understand how families lived, worked and played here in prior centuries. Most of these images are in Milan, some are in Red Hook (especially Upper Red Hook) and a few are beyond that. We will be adding more detail over time so please return to check out progress! Thank you to the Norton family for sharing these powerful and moving insights into our shared past.

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Photographs from the Fulton and Gallagher families courtesy of the Norton family.


The series of photographs of the outside performance are marked, “Upper Red Hook, New York, July 4, 1922, Community Day. Mrs. Harry Fraleigh, director.”


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