Milan 50 Years Ago 5/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~ through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…

Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes” and “More About History”.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 7 May 1969

Can You Identify This Place?
Local artist, Oswald Stippa, Academy Hill Road, has contributed this sketch of a Milan landmark. How many residents recognize it? 
See Historical Quiz and More About History below the Newsletter for the answer.

Reader’s Notes~

In addition to the Reader’s Notes posted below, notes from the Town Board Meeting regarding Highway Superintendent Coon’s recommendation to purchase additional equipment and updates from Taconic Parkway officials as well as notes from the Red Hook School Board Meeting discussing daycare and the potential lengthening of the school day may be of interest.

Letter to the Editor: On Sunday, May 4, 1969, Boy Scouts Richard Laibach, Jr., Robert Laibach and Donald Pratt of Troop 51 , Milan, assisted Supervisor Odak, Councilmen Swank and Laibach, Justice Wisbauer and Highway Superintendent Coon in planting one thousand trees along the north side of the Town Hall property. These Scouts and Town Officials are to be commended for their extra effort, spending their free time, in service to their community.

Carl Sardaro, Troop 51 Committee Chairman

Huckle or Hooker Bush: The old train is gone now, along with its tracks and trestles, but the traces are still there and so are the memories.

Huckle or Hooker Bush: This article is a must read for all interested in local history. See page 4 of the newsletter for the complete article. Town Historian Barbara Thompson mentions many local landmarks and members of the community in her discussion of the history of the train.

Meet Your Candidate: 50 years ago, these local residents were candidates for the post of Board of Education Member for the Red Hook Central School District:

  • Ralph Douglas
  • Mrs. Charles Hoffman
  • Donald Moul
  • Ed Rancich
  • Donald Skelly
  • Dr. Carl F. Stelman
  • Carl Pack
  • Lewis Priven

Be sure to check out the article for biographical details on each candidate.

Historical Quiz

While the origins of the name Milan remains a mystery, the names of its neighborhoods are somewhat easier to discover, although they don’t always remain constant. Case in point: prior to September 12, 1818 the residents of this neighborhood lived in “West Northeast”. From 1818 to about 1882 they lived in Milanville and in 1969 they live at Case’s Corners. Case is derived from Rensselaer Case an enterprising merchant who had a general store from 1867 to at least 1882. He was not the only business man here as there was also a blacksmith shop, the post office and a sawmill. The Newsletter would be interested in hearing from anyone who has further information about the history of Case’s Corners.

More About History~

Don’t miss Barbara Thompson’s article “Huckle or Hooker Bush” about the history of the local train on page 4 of the MCA newsletter. ‘Hope you will share your memories.

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