Milan 50 Years Ago 12/1970

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~

…through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes” or historical excerpts.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 2 December 1970

Rowe Methodist Church

Reader’s Notes~

Christmas is a Question Mark 
Rev. Robert Kanthak
Rowe Methodist Church
December 1970

Where is He this Christmas?
Not in the intrinsic value of the gift,
but in the love within the heart of the giver.
Not in the prose of the Christmas card,
but in the daily friendship of the one who sends it.
Not in the fact of remembering someone,
but in the fact of loving someone enough to remember!

Where is He?
He is in the softness of newly fallen snow in December.
He is in the gold of Autumn and the green of springtime.
He is in the smile of a baby and in the eyes of someone you love.
He is wherever you are, if you are in the secret place of God.

Meet Your Neighbor

Just a brief excerpt: “A countryman who sees much in nature and human nature that some of the rest of us miss, Tom Odak is many things to many people: friend, outdoorsman, advisor, farmer, acquaintance, politician and businessman. His genuine concern in caring about people is as much in character as his enthusiasm for an outdoor life of farming and finding, enjoying the nontangible benefits of the country surrounding him.”

Scroll down to the profile on Tom Odak in the “Meet Your Neighbor” section below.

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