Milan 50 Years Ago 9/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~ …through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes”. Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 11 September 1969 Can You Identify The Location? See the Milan Quiz section below. Reader’s Notes~ New Officers These officers were elected 50 years ago in September 1970 and were scheduled to take office in January 1970. Chairman- Helen Hermans Vice Chairman- Colin Thorley Secretary- Joan Artz Treasurer- Clara Losee Directors- 3 years- Barbara Thompson, Carl Sardaro, Theodore…

Yeoman Cemetery Sign

Many Milan residents have asked about placing a historical marker at the site of the Yeoman Cemetery, located on Willowbrook Road. One can see this cemetery from the Taconic Parkway, but there is no access from the Parkway. I am in the process of completing the documentation for this cemetery so I can present it to the William Pomeroy Foundation. This foundation awards grants for the purchase of historical markers. It is a lengthy process as the foundation prefers to receive primary sources for documentation of authenticity. I can submit secondary sources but that may delay the process. Once I…

Burton Coon Blog

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“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself. I have been as sincere a worshipper of Aurora as the Greeks… Morning brings back the heroic ages” (Thoreau 83).

That desire to experience ‘innocence’ found within ‘Nature herself’ inspires me and inspired my ancestor Burton Coon, who was first and foremost a farmer. He was a farmer who trudged in from the fields each day for nourishment of the body and the soul. While he rested his body, his thoughts soared.

Milan 50 Years Ago 7/1969

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July 1969 Local Businesses~ What are your memories of going to town 50 years ago?

Local Businesses

  • Red Hook Fabric Shop
  • Madge’s Beauty Salon Academy Hill Road
  • Johnson’s General Store Route 199 Lafayetteville
  • Hank’s Garage Route 199
  • Thorco Fuel LTD. Atlantic Heating Oils “Service” 19 W. Market Street Red Hook
  • Robert G. Cole Plumbing and Heating Milan Hill Road Red Hook
  • Helen Z. Battistoni, Realtor 23 E. Market Street Rhinebeck 25 So. Broadway Red Hook
  • Rock City Sand & Gravel
  • Herb Swank Radio – TV – Hi-Fi
  • Florence C. Hill Real Estate Broker
  • Duxbury Hermans Insurance
  • Beehler Realty 142 So. Broadway Red Hook
  • DF Services All Your Class Needs Route 199
  • Ed Rancich Fuel Oil
  • Fred’s Tavern Italian-American Food-Pizza Rock City

Milan 50 Years Ago 5/1969

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Historical Quiz~
“While the origins of the name Milan remains a mystery, the names of its neighborhoods are somewhat easier to discover, although they don’t always remain constant. Case in point: prior to September 12, 1818 the residents of this neighborhood lived in “West Northeast”. From 1818 to about 1882 they lived in Milanville and in 1969 they live at Case’s Corners. Case is derived from Rensselaer Case an enterprising merchant who had a general store from 1867 to at least 1882. He was not the only business man here as there was also a blacksmith shop, the post office and a sawmill. The Newsletter would be interested in hearing from anyone who has further information about the history of Case’s Corners.”

Milan 50 Years Ago 4/1969

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Historical Quiz~
“Memorial Lutheran Church of Rock City~ Completed in 1868, The Chapel, as it is sometimes called, was the vision of one man, John Griffin Schultz, who felt the need of a church in his own community of Rock City. To fulfill this dream he supplied both land and funds to have the building constructed even before the existence of a congregation. One hundred years later, at the centennial celebration last year, it was noted that the church does indeed stand as a Memorial, not to one man, but to the durability of man’s creative vision.”

Milan 50 Years Ago 3/1969

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Snow Scene~
“This scene was sketched on the high point of Woody Row Road, looking west to the Catskill Mountains. “Web” refers to Webster Coon, Highway Superintendent, who “reported that 99 hours were spent by two loaders opening roads after the two recent heavy snowfalls”. See the February issue for more details on the February 1969 snow in Milan.”

Milan 50 Years Ago 2/1969

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Historical Quiz This drawing shows the Teats family cemetery on Battenfeld Road. Heading north, it is located on the right shortly before the junction of Battenfeld, Milan Hill and Becker Hill Roads. The family was active in Town affairs during the 1800s. Care of this old cemetery is maintained through a family endowment. The principal home of the Teats family is now owned by R. E. Schneider.

More About History~

All About the Snow: Let’s reminisce- Who can recall the two snowstorms in February 1969?