2 thoughts on “Oral Histories

  1. The oral history section was awesome. I wish my dad was still alive he would love it! It was great to see all the people I grew up hearing and seeing as a member of the Milan community. My dad and mom, George and Edie Scheer were born in the city like Rocky & Bill, moved here in the late 40’s in Lafayetteville on North Road right by the Lafaytette House. My dad was a founding member of the Milan Fire Dept. (his granddaughter is a member today) and an active member of the Rowe Methodist Church. He knew Irene Wilcox well. I remember when we had the fireman’s picnic at the firehouse behind Gaddis’ store and all the kids would run to the bridge to see Rocky Mancini jump off the bridge!! Rocky and Ann both helped with the games that we had the picnic. Bill Gallagher. My best friend and I would babysit Bill’s kids-he was just the nicest guy in the world. I loved when he talked about Jesse Langdon. My dad would go visit him from time to time and my brothers remember him as a gruff cranky old man. Leapin Lena’s was owned by my best friend at the time and when it burned they moved to a house on North Road. It is still owned by the Constintino family today. We would go bogg hoppin in the swamp, play along the little stream in front of Herb Swank’s (tv repairman) house. We were about 5 or 6 and we would walk alone to Johnson’s General Store on 199 to buy candy. Our parents never kept tabs on us and had no idea what we doing or where we were!!!! I remember Beaver (Sylvester Cumo) and Firpo well. Beaver worked at Jack Stickles gas station (where Dunkin Dougnuts is now, which to me looks all wrong) and he was a piece of work!!! There were/are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met and I am very proud to have grown up there. I live in Poughkeepsie now and I hope to move “home” soon.
    You should try to contact Tina Chrisjohn Wyant whose father was the Onieda Nation Representative in the 70’s He was a wood carver and instrumental on reviving the Iroquois language. One son lives in Saugerties and his 2 daughters in Red Hook. Tina’s cousin Ray Halbritter, who lived in Milan for a short time is now the Onieda Nation Rep and was instrumental in the Turning Stone Resort in Verona. For a small area we had quite a few celebrities!!!!!


  2. how can I forget Dick Battenfeld!!! My dad was also friends with Dick and they were both very active in Rowe Methodist church. The highlight of my dad’s year was selling Christmas trees for Dick! He loved seeing and meeting people. He also worked in the greenhouses and I would go there a lot with him. Again. Another fantastic family.


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