African American Heritage

This section managed by Bill Jeffway.  I am bylining this section because I want to specifically invite feedback on its content.  I have posted some older content that uses language that we have abandoned as a society out of greater awareness.  But I suggest that these older commentaries be shared “as is” with a view to a greater and candid understanding of the evolution (or in some cases perhaps the distinct lack of evolution) of our awareness and dialogue as a society.

Milan’s largest community of people of color was the Pre-Civil war period

This sets out some very preliminary information about Milan’s African American communities of the past, looking at US Federal Census data.  Consistent with other rural areas of Dutchess County, there was a much larger community of people of color in the pre-Civil War era, than later.

Milan Population Trends 1790-today

Henry and Almira Jackson, founding family

See and hear their great grandson Walter Patrice take you through the family album.  Featured and shared with the permission of and through the generosity of Walter Patrice, WWII veteran and officer.

Revolutionary War Veteran Andrew Frazier

Vassar Professor McAdoo’s findings on the Andrew Frazier family burial ground.

Peter Jackson family, Turkey Hill

Burton Coon was a prolific, colorful and detailed writer who published many articles in the local papers over decades.  The Coon family remains today in Milan after several centuries of settlement here.  The profile he wrote about Peter Jackson (no close relation to Henry and Almira Jackson) establishes that oral tradition holds he was a former slave.

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