Milan 50 Years Ago 8/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~ through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…

Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes”.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 10 August 1969

Can You Identify The Location?

“On a clear day, you can see mile upon mile of the rural countryside so highly valued by many Milan residents. Can you identify the location from which Ossie Stippa sketched this view? For the answer, see “Milan Quiz” after the newsletter” (Thompson).

Reader’s Notes~

“Daisy”, “Trefoil”, “Bergamot”, “Grass and Flowers”  “From The New York Public Library”

Remember When

Warning: as we read these announcements, we may become a bit nostalgic.

What was the going wage for babysitting? What could we buy with 75 cents? Who remembers penny candy? What about Necco Wafers and Good and Plenty?

Imagine the thrill of a child finding an Irish Setter puppy. Did you have a puppy as a child?

What about the Blue Ribbons? It’s good to see familiar names, yet I’m also thinking it’s August- time for the Dutchess County Fair.

Community Announcements

Babysitting Wanted Seventy-five cents per hour. Please call Barbara Hughes PL-8…

Found Female Irish Setter puppy, August 12th, on Milan Hill Road. Please call PL-8…

Community Day Report- Blue Ribbons

  • Horseshoes- Bill Burton
  • Blueberry Muffins- Shirley Platt
  • Bread- Mrs. J. Losee
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies- Susan Platt
  • Applesauce Cake- Mrs. Joyce
  • Brownies- Mrs. Joyce

Milan Quiz

“Looking west on Route 199 from the hilltop just above the Parkway Diner, Milan fans out and flaunts its undulating topography, showing one face of her rural beauty. The other, more intimate one, beloved by so many residents, is discovered around each bend in her winding roads- perhaps an abandoned house flanked by overgrown lilacs or a soldierly line of old maples, sentinel now to nothing more than a crumbling chimney” (Thompson).

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