Milan 50 Years Ago 9/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~

…through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes”.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 11 September 1969

Can You Identify The Location? See the Milan Quiz section below.

Reader’s Notes~

New Officers

These officers were elected 50 years ago in September 1970 and were scheduled to take office in January 1970.

  • Chairman- Helen Hermans
  • Vice Chairman- Colin Thorley
  • Secretary- Joan Artz
  • Treasurer- Clara Losee
  • Directors- 3 years- Barbara Thompson, Carl Sardaro, Theodore Fredricksen

Milan Community Members

  • Teachers are listed in the article “Red Hook School Board Meeting”.
  • Candidates for Town Office are listed in “Election Line-Up”.
  • Staff members and contributors – MCA Newsletter are listed on p. 4.

Milan Quiz

Ossie Stippa’s sketch features the American Buttonball or Sycamore tree located on Cokertown Road east of Salisbury Road in Milan.

In Tribute to the Sycamore Tree

These historic images of the Sycamore Tree in various locales include a woodcut of “Zaccheus in the Sycamore Tree”, a Biblical reference to Zaccheus attempting to catch a glimpse of Jesus.

Sonata in Hollywood
The Sycamore by C. F. MacIntyre
Stilly in the mystical
shadow of the sycamore,
give yourself unto the spell-
give, and go, and come no more.

Where the shadows and the stars
rise and fall on the deep breast
of the water, nothing mars
plots to slip and sink and rest.

To the image of the leaves
on the blackness of the stream,
to the little wind that grieves,
give yourself and dream your dream.

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