Milan 50 Years Ago 10/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~

…through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…Local author Bonnie Wood of Keeping NY History Alive supplements the original MCA Newsletters with “Reader’s Notes”.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 12 October 1969

Can you identify these stations? What are your memories? Check out for current details. What do you know about the history?

Reader’s Notes~

From the Chairman- Carl Sardaro

~Tuesday the 4th of November 1969~ “is Election Day. It is the day on which we get a chance to perform our most important function as citizens of this great nation of ours, that is, to vote.”

“Voting is a privilege of citizenship. It is also an obligation. Privileges and obligations go hand in hand; you do not get one without receiving the other at the same time…” Continue reading From the Chairman in the attached newsletter.

MCA Meeting Notes

Check out the coverage of Mrs. Lucie Ford’s photo-essay presentation and Red Hook Telephone Co. employee Kenneth Gray’s presentation on the history of the telephone company dating back to its beginnings with three telephones in 1894.

Community Bulletin Board

Reminiscent of this listing attributed to Ernest Hemingway- “For sale, Baby Shoes, Never worn.”

The following is not written in six words, yet it is meaningful nonetheless. “Free: kitten. Spirited ball of fur needs loving home.” Share memories of that special kitten that brought joy to your life.

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