D-Day Reflections

Milan War Memorial Plaque-Milan Town Hall

Honor Our WW II Veterans

As I reflect on the past week of D-Day commemorations, I can’t help feeling that we should honor our veterans every day of the year.

As I reflect on the past week of D-Day commemorations, I can’t help feeling that we should honor our veterans every day of the year. Without those brave men and women, there would be no freedom as we have to come to expect. As you drive on Route 199 in the Town of Milan, make that turn into the town hall driveway. Drive up the hill and park your car at our Veterans Memorial. Take a moment out of your busy day to rest on our bench and read through the names of all those who served. We have names listed from the Revolutionary War through our current War on Terrorism. It was World War II veteran Stanley Zatwarnicki, now deceased, who, in 2005, began the process of constructing our honor roll.

World War II veterans compiled by Reggie Coons:

  • William Aston
  • Robert Bathrick
  • Henry Billings
  • John J. Bowe Sr.
  • Franklin Brehmer
  • Lewis Brown
  • Anne Call
  • Donald H. Carr
  • Alfred Coon
  • Richard C. Coon
  • Robert C. Coon
  • Robert W. Coons
  • Daniel Cunningham
  • Fred Cunningham
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Steven Cunningham
  • Thomas Cunningham
  • Sabino Cuomo Sr.
  • Leslie J. Decker
  • Erwin Droge
  • Edmund F. Dunn
  • Adolf K. Earhart
  • Harold T. Fell Sr.
  • Joe Fell
  • Thomas Fredricksen
  • Joseph Gray
  • Peter J. Hamiwka
  • Alphonse Hericourt
  • Ann Hericourt
  • Edward Hericourt
  • Walter Herman
  • Winfred Herrick
  • John F. Hoffert
  • William Hromada
  • James C. Hughes
  • Emerson Hyde
  • Roy A. Jacoby
  • Thomas Jeffreys
  • William Jennings
  • Arnold Johnson
  • Henning Johnson
  • Paul W. Karpowich
  • Andrew Kilmer
  • Arthur Kline
  • Paul Kochinka
  • William Landauer
  • Harry Levy
  • Malcolm Lown
  • George V. Maihiou
  • Peter Maracich
  • Charles Marks
  • John McKinney
  • Albert C. McIntosh
  • Herbert McIntosh
  • Adelehi Michetti
  • Angelo A. Michetti
  • John G. Michetti
  • Joseph Michetti
  • Ellsworth S. Myers Jr.
  • Prentiss Nadeau
  • Chester Nastach
  • Edward C. Neal
  • Fred Neuberger
  • Russell Nichols Jr.
  • Russell Nichols Sr.
  • Michael Odak
  • Lorean Pease
  • John Perz
  • Hiram Phillips
  • Thomas Pinchbeck
  • Andrew Pink
  • James F. Rice Sr.
  • Charles Rumford
  • Darrell N. Russell
  • Anthony J. Salamone Sr.
  • Joseph Schaffer
  • George Scheer Jr.
  • Fred Shook
  • Winfield Shook
  • Rosewell Simmons
  • Robert Sprauer
  • David Stern
  • Herb Swank
  • Samuel Swartz
  • Nicholas Szuchy
  • Aldo E. Tambini
  • Madeline Udiljak
  • Vincent Ventineglia
  • Helen Wadlin
  • Herbert E. Wadlin Jr.
  • George Waldron
  • Henry F. Weiss
  • Alan S. Wheeler
  • Michael M. Witowich
  • Stanley Zatwarnicki
  • Daniel Zic.

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