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Case’s Corner (formerly Milanville)



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Wonderful resource at this external link.


In development.

Jackson Corners

This section is very much under construction, not all photos are appropriately named yet. We are a volunteer group! Jackson Corners has an extraordinary history and strong sense of identity today.

1846 Military review. 1993 Walt Hermans speaks to Milan Town Historian, interview notes.
Misc. pics in development


Rock City

In development.


  1. Michael Sowinski

    A wealth of info on the Hamlet of Shookville already posted and available via the above below. Enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, we will move this up to the top of the page, thank you!


  2. Melissa Curtis

    I don’t understand why “Jackson Corners” has been left out as a viable hamlet. It involved a blacksmith shop, a mill, a general store, the first firehouse of Milan, the passing railroads which carried passengers from Jackson Corners. The fact that the cannon traveled the roads in Jackson Corners by General Knox to the Fort during the revolutionary war. The burial grounds of the “Last Mohican”. The Fulton homestead, as well as the “Singers” of Singer sewing machines and “Wu;litzers” of the famous piano company. Also, the railroad depot on Academy Hill Road alongside the Roeliff Jansen Kill. I would think that the town (when Patrick Higgins) was historian has a wealth of information in the towns files on this very very very historic hamlet. I also do not understand why the history of Milan starts with “Wilcox” instead of the “Livinstons” and the tenant farmers who had their own places to sit in church which was not with the “ELITE”. This would show how the town evolved and grew. Also, cemetaries are left out. Also exgremely historic!!!


  3. Doreen (Dodie) Scheer Roome

    OOPS! I made a mistake about the Layfayette Lodge when I said it was Leapin Lena’s. It was Leapin Lena’s BEFORE the Lodge. It there anyway you can correct this information for me?


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