Milan 50 Years Ago 2/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~ through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…

Local author Bonnie Wood, editor of Stone By Stone and creator of the Burton Coon blog, writes “Reader’s Notes” and “More About History” to supplement the original MCA Newsletters.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 4 February 1969

Can You Identify This Place?
High on a hillside, this serene spot is one of many burial grounds which dot the Milan landscape. See Historical Quiz after the original newsletter for the name and location.

Reader’s Notes~ All About the Snow and the Outhouse!

Recommended Readings- All About the Snow: Town Board Meeting Report, Letter to the Editor, and the Milan Boy Scout Troop 51 Notes and All About the Outhouse: MCA Meeting Notes.

It was pointed out that after taxes, the men working to clear the roads received little more than $1.00 per hour for the almost continuous time spent between 4 a.m. February 10th until late February 11th. It was the consensus of the Board that in view of the monumental job these men did in opening the roads as quickly as they did, under adverse conditions, that the Town should show its appreciation in some manner.

Town Board Meeting Report

Faced with drifts often higher than their trucks, and 50-60 mph winds blowing the snow back onto the roads as fast as they could get through them, these few men fought an almost losing battle…

Letter to the Editor by Hortense Joyce

On Sunday Morning, the memorable event was a snowball fight that lasted several hours and covered half a mile of woods when the scouts routed Scoutmaster Dick Laibach, Assistant Jim Hughes and Committeeman Pete Hamiwka. While the exhausted adult leaders rested, the scouts managed to provoke a further snowball fight with an adjoining scout troop.

Milan Boy Scout Troop 51 Notes See the column for a list of participating scouts!

MCA Meeting Note February 1969: The meeting was climaxed by speaker Mr. Henry Pitcher of Millerton whose highly informed discourse on one of our cherished American heritages, The Outhouse, accompanied by appropriate slides, left an appreciative audience in a high state of hilarity.

MCA Meeting Notes

Historical Quiz This drawing shows the Teats family cemetery on Battenfeld Road. Heading north, it is located on the right shortly before the junction of Battenfeld, Milan Hill and Becker Hill Roads. The family was active in Town affairs during the 1800s. Care of this old cemetery is maintained through a family endowment. The principal home of the Teats family is now owned by R. E. Schneider.

More About History~

All About the Snow: Let’s reminisce- Who can recall the two snowstorms in February 1969?

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