Milan 50 Years Ago 3/1969

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Snow Scene~
“This scene was sketched on the high point of Woody Row Road, looking west to the Catskill Mountains. “Web” refers to Webster Coon, Highway Superintendent, who “reported that 99 hours were spent by two loaders opening roads after the two recent heavy snowfalls”. See the February issue for more details on the February 1969 snow in Milan.”

Milan 50 Years Ago 2/1969

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Historical Quiz This drawing shows the Teats family cemetery on Battenfeld Road. Heading north, it is located on the right shortly before the junction of Battenfeld, Milan Hill and Becker Hill Roads. The family was active in Town affairs during the 1800s. Care of this old cemetery is maintained through a family endowment. The principal home of the Teats family is now owned by R. E. Schneider.

More About History~

All About the Snow: Let’s reminisce- Who can recall the two snowstorms in February 1969?