Milan 50 Years Ago 3/1969

Looking Back at Milan’s History ~ through the lens of the Milan Community Association Newsletter started in November 1968…

Local author Bonnie Wood, editor of Stone By Stone and creator of the Burton Coon blog, writes “Reader’s Notes” and “More About History” to supplement the original MCA Newsletters.

Milan Community Association Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 5 March 1969

Where Was This Scene Sketched?
See “Snow Scene” after the MCA newsletter for the location.

Reader’s Notes~

Check out the MCA Membership List- Members, Officers, and Board of Directors for familiar names.

The Statement on Matecki Property presented by Herb Swank for The Town Board provides insight on the Milan Community fifty years ago.

In the first place, town government has the obligation to consider not only the affairs of the moment but also conditions of the future.

The coming years will probably see the town develop as a primarily residential community, with a need for a recreational area, not for the people of the County or the people of the State, but for the residents of Milan.

The town MUST have a refuse disposal site to prevent the whole community from becoming a vast dump.

Statement on Matecki Property

MCA Meeting Notes March 1969: Guest speaker was Mr. Norman Thomson of Red Hook, whose subject “Tax Facts and Escape”, dealt with the benefits of estate planning in reducing the burden of taxation.

The Horticulture organizational meeting scheduled for last month received little response. Despite the appearances, Winter is on the wane and the plain dirt gardeners will be out working in another month. Interests expressed on a questionnaire last year, ranged from gardening, flowers and flower arrangement to nature study. Supervisor Odak has suggested that there be plantings around the flag pole at the Town Hall. Here is another opportunity for community service

MCA Meeting Notes, March 11, 1969

Snow Scene This scene was sketched on the high point of Woody Row Road, looking west to the Catskill Mountains. “Web” refers to Webster Coon, Highway Superintendent, who “reported that 99 hours were spent by two loaders opening roads after the two recent heavy snowfalls”. See the February issue for more details on the February 1969 snow in Milan.

Note: There is no Historical Quiz in this issue of the MCA newsletter.

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